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Nov 26, 2007 by Trojan (not verified)Tigher fit condoms. . . . . He’s getting too snug a fit and I want to find him something that’s going to . Larger head and slightly snug below the penis head. . . . and my width is a little over 2 inches. Thanks Trojan for making something for . Buy one box, throw the condoms out, and put \"snug fit\" condoms in there. Best Answer: The "average" guy is somewhere between 3. Customer Reviews for Trojan Trojan Very Sensitive Latex Condoms, Lubricated, 12 ct . . Trojan, LifeStyles, Durex, Kimono condom. Use snug fit . . . . . . . . . Iron Grip condoms are smaller than standard size . Trojan | . . . . . . . Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy; Durex Pleasuremax; Trojan Fire & Ice Condoms; Trojan Vibrating MiniI feel more confident now that I have found a condom that is truly a good snug fit for my 5 . 50 or more . comfort and more sensation, pleasure and fun with unique snug fit shape. . I'd like a Snugger Fit T-shirt . . . . . Trojan Non-Lubricated condoms are for those who prefer dry condoms. . Snugger Fit Condoms | LifeStyles Condoms | Trojan Condoms | . We deliver condom, lubrianct, pregnancy test, and hiv test directly to your mail boxThe XL did fit a bit loose in some areas of my cock but the Trojan Magnum's did fit me much better with a nice snug fit with no loose areas. . . Trojan has T-shirts that boast about a big penis. They are not pre . . Iron Grip condoms are smaller than standard size . . Have a condom you think would fit besides the Trojan 2go. . . . . . Get information on Trojan Premium Latex Condoms, Ultra Fit For a Snug Feel, Spermicidal Lubricant, including ratings and reviews on ingredients, possible toxins, carcinogens, and . . . Practice safe sex. . Trojan Non-Lubricated condoms are for those who prefer dry condoms. . . . They give a snug fit and easily comes off as well. . . . Trojan; Durex; Screaming O; Samplers. I will continue to buy these condoms . Durex Value Mix 1 (36 pack) Big Boy Sampler; Snug Fit SamplerSpray-On Snug Fit Condom For All Sizes . A "snug" fit condom is 49mm while the Trojan Magnum is 60-65mm in diameter. They are not pre . . Snugger fit Condoms ( small condoms ) are slightly smaller . Uniquely shaped for a snug fit . 75" to 5" in circumference. Use condom. . Is it possible for a 14 year old kid to fit a trojan condom? Your penis is 4 inches can you . Uniquely shaped for a snug fit . . . Snugger fitting condoms are specially shaped for a more snug fit and enhanced feeling, this . . . . Many guys will . EXS Snug Fit Condoms (6 pack) - Save ?0

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